Saturday, August 27, 2011

WASH OUTببینید زرچوبه برای پاک نگاه داشتن جگر چقدر مفید است

The term "Washed out" may not always conjure up a positive image. However, if we are talking about the liver here's why "washed out" means something good. The liver weighs about 3 pounds, and performs approximately 500 vital functions that keep us healthy . One of the key functions of the liver is to act as the first line of defense against potentially harmful toxins and impurities . Impurities might include cigarette smoke, alcohol, and even some medications in our environment and not even be aware of it.So, how can we keep our liver functioning at its best?Normally,liver cells are efficient at their job, but adding to the liver's defenses by boosting the purification process can further maintain our good health. For instance, milk thistle has a long history of supporting a healthy liver.
What else can help? ingredients include, but are not limited to, dandelion and turmeric. Dandelion helps promote the flow bile and may assist in the body's purification process, while turmeric boosts detoxification benefits. So when it comes to liver impurities, "wash out " is a good thing . When toxins are "washed out " we just might feel more refreshed.
در نتیجه باید گفت که زرچوبه که همان تورمهریک است برای جگر و پاک کردن جگر چقدر مفید و ضروری است

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