Friday, April 6, 2012

لطفآ برای الاهه رای بدهید

Eli Omar
Apr 4 (2 days ago)

to me

Dear Colleagues, Friends & Family,

To express the extend of my gratitude and adulation in a simple email is difficult. But I truly wanted to share with you, the true impact your support has made. Just a few short weeks ago, I reached out to you in an effort to raise funds for a stagnated sewage crisis in a slum in Kenya. Weeks later, the campaign was an enormous success and through this collective spirit, I was privileged to partake and engage in yet another life affirming adventure. Delving even deeper, just this week, I was asked to submit a short video towards an MBA contest to showcase the significance a group of people can have on the world at-large. Together, I feel we have achieved this & more!

To view this video click on this link: Then please cast your vote to ensure we get the most visibility & so that we continue to raise awareness & make an impact on our collective world. Your welcome to vote every 24 hours up until the 15th of April, if you wish.

Again, your vote is most appreciated to generate the most impact (please spread the word).

Together, we can!

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