Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm a good

I deserve love I can have love

I am a good person

I am fine as I am

I am worthy I am worth while

I am honorable

I am lovable

I am deserving

I deserve good things

I can be trusted

I can ( learn to ) trust my self

I trust my judgment

I can succeed

I am now in control

I have choices

I am strong

I can ( learn ) to take care of my self

I have intelligence

I am significant ( important )

I am OK just the way I am

I deserve to live

I deserve to be Happy

I can get what I want

I can be my self ( make mistakes )

I am healthy

I am fine ( attractive / lovable )

I did the best I could

I learned ( can learn ) from it it' s over I am safe now

I can handle it

I can choose who to trust

I can choose to let it out

I can have ( deserve )

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